Future of Industrial Marketing

Future of Industrial Marketing

Industrial Marketing is now effected by New Generation marketing concepts because it is the most convenient method to engage customers and build strong relationship with them. Now Most of the suppliers are using these methods for customers relationship. Improvement in New age technology like social networking, blogging, chatting, video conferencing, telemarketing  is going to make a great impact in industrial market because i had seen most of the exporters are using these new generation marketing  techniques to reduce their expenses. Some of the big companies are building and running their business by online enterprise solutions, where they engage customers, take orders and providing support to their customers and agents online.

In future most of the things will be done online because of the new technology. Now you can open your online office with your personal store from where you can sell your products, for customer support there are lots of  online customer support options available from where you can assist visitors by voice, video, chat. E-commerce is the solution by which your business can run automatically, you can sell products online, you can bill to customers by automated billing systems, you can generate and manage sales report. Online ERP Software can manage your whole organisation functionality and the better thing is that with online platform your data backup options are available and you can control your whole organisation work from one computer.

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Really good details! I have been hunting for everything like this for some time now. With thanks!

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