Industrial Marketing

Industrial Marketing

Industrial Marketing is inspired by the B2B Marketing. It is a form of Marketing where we market the Industrial Products, Goods & Service to another Business. In conventional time marketing of Industrial Products are done through the concept of face to face selling mostly because of resources availability but now Internet Marketing and Tel.-Marketing is playing are important role in it.

Industrial Marketing has to be classified in two types –

1: Inbound Industrial Marketing

2: Outbound Industrial Marketing

:- What is Inbound Industrial Marketing?

Inbound Industrial Marketing is a strategy to bring customers to your door step and convert them into leads. It is like opening your company where customers usually come in search for Products & Knowledge which you make. Internet is playing important role in Inbound Industrial Marketing. There are lots of Search Engines and Web Portals are there where buyers usually search information and suppliers details for their desired Product. Placing your product showcase or website online in most Popular & visited keywords in search engines and web portals to attract traffic to your website where customers can get all information about your Products or services is a Inbound Marketing.

a. Search Engine Optimization

b. Search Engine Marketing

c. Web Portals & Digital Media Promotions

d: Video Optimization

c: Content Optimization & Promotion

f: Website Design & Planning

:- What is Outbound Industrial Marketing?

Outbound Industrial Marketing is a strategy to Generate Leads for your Products or Services Through Various methods. In Outbound Industrial Marketing you have to reach each of your customers to market your products or services. Conventional Methods of Industrial Marketing can said to be an Outbound Industrial Marketing are proven for generating effective leads.

a. Face To Face Marketing

b. Event Marketing

c. Telemarketing

d. Email Marketing

e: Catalogue Distribution

f: Social Media Optimization

are the proven effective ways of Outbound Industrial Marketing but now a days Small & Mid sized Business is mostly selecting Inbound Industrial Marketing because of less investments requirements. Outbound Industrial Marketing is proven but its a time taken way and required lots of research work and risks with little higher money investment.

Outbound Industrial Marketing is good for companies who don’t have much investment boundations problems. For Start ups i’ll advice to choose Some types of Outbound Industrial marketing & Inbound Industrial Marketing. This combination of marketing requires less investment and ability to generate good leads to spread business & clients.

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