Anna Hazare appeals to All Indians to Switch off current and lights at 8.00 Pm to 9.00 pm on 15th August – Independence Day

Anna Hazare had appeals to all Indian few Minutes ago on Ajjtak to switch off the lights and currents for one hour from 8.00 pm to 9.oo pm today at Independence day 15th August 2011 and This Request is accepted  by most of the peoples from Different cities.

Live News on aajtak News. It’s effective and peoples are fallowing the appeal of Anna Hazare in All over India. I think that effect of this Appeal will show what is going to happen in 16th of August because it’ll show the strength of commited peoples for lokpal bill and support to Anna Hazare.

In Aurangabad it is not much effective because most of houses and flats lights are on here and most important some road lights are supporting Anna Hazare as usual like every day.

After lots of years it seems like Independence Day of India.

Happy Independence day to all of you.

Jai Hind – Jai Bharat



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