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What you Required ?

It is the main answer i usually offers to my clients. India is the land of Opportunities for the manufacturers because by behavior Indian people are committed to their work and quality always. If you are planning to buy any material or product from India then you are most welcome by Finding and sourcing best and reliable supplier for your products is not a difficult task when you have the knowledge of resources and if you are good in negotiations but without a rich database of suppliers it is a difficult task. Choosing a best suppliers for your company between 10 suppliers is a risky for future prospect that’s why i am here as a buying agent for you.

                             From India most of the buying agents are sourcing products from their limited sources and these types of work generate risk possibilities because when you source products, you always required a best and if you are promoting that product in your country or region it is very much necessary that your vendor have capability to deliver it according to your requirement.

There are lots of sectors in which India is growing itself in the overseas market like Machines, raw material, automotive products, handicrafts, home furnishing, leather products, grains, spices etc.

Buying Agents or Product Sourcing Consultant responsibility  

> Arrangement of vendors.

> Arrangement of Buyers Visit to India.

> Price Negotiations with vendors and suppliers.

> Arrangement of Third Party inspection for Quality of Material before dispatch.

> Production update to the Buyers on Regular basis.

>  Arrangement of best freight forwarders.

> Arrangement of custom clearing agents.

> Regular communication with buyers and suppliers.

> Relationship Management.

> Inspection of packing and branding work before dispatch.



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