Media Planning and Buying in India

Creative Communication Strategy

It’s not Just placing ad’s in the newspapers or magazine. We are focused to produce ad’s which are effective and creative to communicate and convey its message to the targeted audience.  Media Planning & Buying is a not an easy task in India, lots of research works are involved in the successful advertising campaign. A successful advertisement can create a huge impact through the words between the audience. The process involved in successful advertisement campaign is –

1> Identification of  Audience
What is your product or services which you are offering to your customers. Your Target Customers are – male, female, student, professionals, business owners, women, or the customers from the different age segments. It gives you exact idea who are your targeted audiences and now you have to find ways to get in reach of your targeted audiences. For Example if you are the manufacturer of the Food Products i.e. mouth freshener then your  targeted audience are the people who are between 18+ to 55 years of age. For the Industrial Products Manufacturers the identification process of the target audiences are totally different.

2> Selection of Media
Selection of media is a difficult but interesting task for the media selectors. Most of the peoples have their own views, likes & dislikes about different different types of media.  Searching for the media which are most popular within your targeted audience, and selection of the media publishers according your budget is a possible by only the creative thinkers. There are different different types of media available like print, broadcast, online. We deals with Print & Online because it is good for the Small and medium sized organisations in India.

3> Media Buying 
Media Buying is not like buying the space for articles its all about buying a space for your advertisement. If you are a media buyer then you have to be very specific about buying the place because lots of money is involved in this. Buying the right space to place your advertisement in different media platforms within specific budget is a important in the media buying task.

4> Designing of Advertisement
The Design which can attract the attention of the target audience and the words which can communicate and convey your message is the most important. Just focus to design the ads which can garb the attention and maintain the reputation of your brand.

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