for seo right keyword selection is important.

for SEO right Keyword Selection is important.

Keyword Selection is one of the important term involved in the SEO – search engine optimization strategy. Selection of the keyword rather increases the traffic or decreases the value of the website. Most of the time i had seen that people select most competitive keywords for their website and start working on it, but after some time they found that their website is not in the top 5 pages. My suggestions are not to go for keywords which you think it can be important but use the references and see which are the most competitive and non competitive keywords related for your products suggested by truthful  references. If you are a beginner and you domain is new then go for the bigger keywords because of less competition, it doesn’t mean that you’ll not receive the genuine traffic from these types of keywords.

I would suggest new google keyword research tool for the selection of keywords where you can see the competition, volume of the monthly search also. If you want to optimize your website in some of the selected keywords and if you are beginner then you have to focus on your articles which you’ll publish on your blogs, always right articles which reflects the meaning of the topic and keep your keywords in your mind while writing your article every time. Original content can increase your ranking for sure, if it have a relevant content.

If you are smarter in content writing then go for the smaller and competitive keywords and produce your articles which can com petite with another top ranking articles listed in that particular keyword.

So, every time when you start writing something, try to search its related keywords in the keyword research tools and select right keywords for the same and start producing original contents.

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