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Social Media Websites are developing the next generation marketing platform because at this time almost every internet users have their personal identity in different Social networking website. Companies are started interacting with customers with the help of social networking websites because finding and contacting persons through social networking websites are more easier then conventional methods.  Optimizing and company portfolio or awareness of the products is much easier with the help of social networking websites. Social Networking websites are used by the companies for branding and sourcing of the candidates/ persons. Suppose if your company is small and your turnover is not much bigger than branded company and you need to develop contacts to sell your products then what you’ll do. Now with the help of social networking websites you can find the contacts and develop your first contact easily. Social Networking websites are also used by the companies for advertisement of the products & services. This platform is good for advertisement because in less time and less amount you can advertise between your exact targeted customers.

Social Media Optimization is not limited to the social networking websites it is all about performing Social activities to attract visitors to the online campaign or website to increase visibility of the products or brands with the help of RSS feeds, Blogging, Posting comments on the other blogs,  participating in online groups discussions, document and videos sharing, social bookmarking etc.

In now a days it said by the SMO guru’s that Social Media optimization is a smarter way to promote company, products, services and to maintain reputation of the brands and its all because of the unlimited possibilities.

LinkedIn, Facebook, Google+, Orkut, wordpress, blogger are the biggest social networking websites available on the internet. More than 1000+ good websites are there who are actively involved in the increasing the height of social networking with the different ideas. Some of the websites are building network for the specific types of industries.

So, the possibilities with the Social media is going to be greater in future, actively involvement with your social profiles with updated and relevant contents for the specific users really helps in the optimization of your social profile by various methods.

Author: Abhishek Mishra
About me: i am Abhishek Mishra, currently i live in Bareilly, India, in the day time i work as a Business Executive with one of the Premium Home Appliances Brand of India, By night i work as a freelance Internet Marketing Consultant by interest and provide guidance & make Internet Marketing Strategies for Small Company or Emerging Entrepreneurs, who have believe in new age marketing trends which can boost their revenue in less investment. While working from last 6 years, i had learnt that what really works and what doesn’t, i am not like others, i won’t believe in chasing someone and fallow Black hat Techniques to get guaranteed rank for few time at cheaper rates. I always focus to White hat techniques which really deliver Stable results for Small Business and it’s all because, i have a interest and not in hurry for next projects. I also love writing on my Blog for Internet MarketingOnline Advertisement,  Search Engine Optimization,Social MediaWeb Design.

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