Small Business Internet Marketing – Setup, Promote, Engage

Small Business Internet Marleting

Small Business Internet Marketing – Setup, Promote, Engage

i had found over a internet that most of the bloggers are writing online about – small business internet marketing, but found that most of them are focusing on their services while writing and not to the solutions for readers. So, let me tell you one thing if you are running a small business then you can promote your business online by fallowing some of the basics of marketing. Internet marketing is not differ from the ground marketing basics. It’s all about  – Setup, Promote, Engage .

But the main question remains same: How online? 😉

It’s not a trick, just fallow Setup, Promote, Engage

1: Setup: 

At the starting you need to do some home work, you need some attractive content which can reflects your positive side of your business and attract customers, after this you need some images which is related to your contents. Now you are almost ready to setup your business online identity. Now register a domain but think about this – because it should small or related to your business or content, after domain you need to have a website, if you have arrangement of small amount to invest in it then go and buy some useful stuff on the – buy Custom Plan, you can also buy domain here or you can setup a wordpress blog or use blogger for same. After setup of your website, add images, logo and other stuff. now you are ready to go.

2: Promote: First read about the SEO – Search engine optimization techniques on the internet, learn meta tag composition and use to Google Keyword Planner to know which keyword is useful for your business, in which if your website can optimized then it can generate traffic. Produce articles related to your business but keep the keywords in mind it can give you good idea about people interest. Promote your articles in the articles directories, submit press releases. Make your business social profile in the different social media websites i.e. Google+ and linkedin and promote your articles publicly. But Make your that your articles content are useful information about the topics. Fallow your business latest news and write about it. Be patient and do it continuously, it will take time. Nothing can happen over night. Fallow your popular competitors and see what they are doing, it’ll give you idea about how it can be done.

3: Engage:

If you are producing extremely good content on your website, i am sure it will generate enough traffic to your website, traffic means you get the visitors and their comments, respond to their comment, email them regularly about your updates, ask them to join you on social network. it’ll easily make your business a new global identity.


Internet marketing for small business is not a difficult work, you should be calm and good listner, i am sure that your hard work on for your business will gives you result. if you have any problems you can go for the any internet marketer for consulting or use internet marketing forum on internet to get the solutions for your questions.

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Author:  Abhishek Mishra
About me: i am Abhishek Mishra, currently i live in Bareilly, India, in the day time i work as a Business Executive with one of the Premium Home Appliances Brand of India, By night i work as a freelance Internet Marketing Consultant by interest and provide guidance & make Internet Marketing Strategies for Small Company or Emerging Entrepreneurs, who have believe in new age marketing trends which can boost their revenue in less investment. While working from last 6 years, i had learnt that what really works and what doesn’t, i am not like others, i won’t believe in chasing someone and fallow Black hat Techniques to get guaranteed rank for few time at cheaper rates. I always focus to White hat techniques which really deliver Stable results for Small Business and it’s all because, i have a interest and not in hurry for next projects. I also love writing on my Blog for Internet MarketingOnline Advertisement,  Search Engine Optimization,Social MediaWeb Design.