The one thing similar – Narendra Modi & Rahul Gandhi

Today i was just surfing the latest tweets and posts of today’s two political giants of India and gone through their twitter page, facebook page to find out some interesting news or updates from them because it’s a hot topic in India for now. They are commenting on each other thoughts and speeches to prove himself better then other.  Both of them called himself a clear supporter of Indian Tradition. I had asked so many people that what is a similarity between both of them? Most of the peoples says that Mr. Modi is experienced and Mr. Rahul is young so their thoughts, personality are totally different from each other and some says that the similarity between them is – they are most eligible candidates for the post of Prime Minister in India. I can also say yes because if you’ll see, you’ll not find any one in Indian Politics instead of Mr. Modi & Mr. Rahul.

But While Surfing their Facebook Page today i found the similar thing – Their Facebook Page Sponsor (Similar) – (Indian first Lingerie store) -Lolz – Facebook have to take care about these ad’s because lot’s of Indian Minors (Below 18 age) are also fallowing these leaders, it will create a bad impact.



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