Top Reasons why Blogging is Important


Top Reasons why Blogging is Important

Blogging is nothing but a method of continuous publishing of contents on the website by which you can interact with the readers. Blog is a platform which was discovered by importance of “repeat visitors” in the web world. Now you can easily understand, the importance of blogging and it’s necessity.

1) It is a Faster Platform of Publishing Content.
Blogging websites are faster method for publishing content on your website in-spite of Old pattern HTML Website, where you have to spent hours of time to make a single page. Blogging Websites provides a content management system where you can write simply like writing on MS Word.

2) Cheaper Solution.
In the World Wide Web there is no cheaper solution other then a blog is now available for publishing your articles or posts. You can make customized look professional one or you can go for the free web blogs i.e. Blogger or WordPress.

3: Your can easily increase traffic.
Every One on the Internet is dying to increase traffic, Blog is a medium which show to visitors that your website contains more useful information about the topic and it happens only if your focus is constant towards targeted topic and you regularly produce articles for the same.

4:  You can easily increase the repeat visits.
By regularly Blogging and producing updated news about your industry, your company – new launches & News you can keep your visitors updated, it increases visitors interest also repeat visits to your website or blog.

5: You can engage your visitors.
By producing latest industry related news and articles on your blog, you can ask them to share their thoughts and opinion and post their comments to you, by answering them you can engage your visitors.

6: You can easily increase your search engine ranking.
After Releases of Google Panda (A Content Filter) it is sure now that the websites with poor quality contents will loose their rankings and most updated and high quality contents will be in the top. Google Panda is rolling almost 10 days in a month it means if your blogging and producing high quality updates related to the keywords or your topics then you can achieve the good rankings.

7:  You can easily increase your outbound links. 
After release of Google Penguin (A Link Spam Detector), it’ll down the rankings of the big brands who are buying links and spamming the search engine. Now you can easily share your high quality articles with anchor text inside with different nieche directories and increase your outbound links which’ll give you a positive effect to your page rank.

8:  Blogging is Good for Individual.
Blogging is good for the professionals because you can make it your online resume or showcase your expertise to the world by your thoughts, articles, research or opinion about the specific topics. By blogging you can garb the attention of industry leaders and can get a much higher pay job offer which you are currently getting.

9: By blogging regularly you can easily increase your monthly income.
You can earn a handsome monthly amount from your blog. If your blog is generating good traffic then you can find sponsors for your blog and post their ad’s or use the google adsense and place different types of Ad’s on your blog, when a visitor will click on those ad’s, every click will generate revenue for you.


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Author: Abhishek Mishra

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About me: i am Abhishek Mishra, currently i live in Bareilly, India, in the day time i work as a Business Executive with one of the Premium Home Appliances Brand of India, By night i work as a freelance Internet Marketing Consultant by interest and provide guidance & make Internet Marketing Strategies for Small Company or Emerging Entrepreneurs, who have believe in new age marketing trends which can boost their revenue in less investment. While working from last 6 years, i had learnt that what really works and what doesn’t, i am not like others, i won’t believe in chasing someone and fallow Black hat Techniques to get guaranteed rank for few time at cheaper rates. I always focus to White hat techniques which really deliver Stable results for Small Business and it’s all because, i have a interest and not in hurry for next projects. I also love writing on my Blog for Internet MarketingOnline Advertisement,  Search Engine Optimization,Social MediaWeb Design.

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