Reference Linking is still alive | Hence Proved

Reference Linking is still alive – hence proved



I had found that so many internet marketers are still confused about the link building & link exchange topics. Lot’s of guessing statements are there in the search engine. I’ll give you details in this post with proof which will not confuse you about what to do and what not, if you are linking some. Last night i was reading articles on 2013 link building techniques and found that lots of experience internet marketing consultants and giving so many confusing statements on their blog’s, websites. After this i had planned to write about it, so that the beginners who are new to this industry can understand what is good and what is bad for their website. Yes i’ll support the statement “Link Building is DEAD“. After the reading the Google new guideline about link building schemes and  matt cutts several posts, it is very clear that “the paid links which passes page rank is considered as a spam”  and if it’s true then it is also true that if you are linking some one, only for the details to support your statement is not wrong. I’ll explain you how – If you are just linking someone for supporting your statement it’ll considered as a reference by Google.

Let me tell you in the details by my supporting images which is not mine and collected from internet to explain you. If you’ll see the link building schemes from Google,

Google Link Schemes

















Reference Link:

they  had clearly mentioned that any “links intended to manipulate PageRank or a Site’s Ranking in Google may be considered as a Link Scheme Policy Violation“.  By there Statement on the Link Schemes page is now very Clear that “Paid Link Building” and “Link Exchange” with “Optimized anchor text links,which is distributed on other websites” are not entertained by Google any more. So, i think it’s now enough to support for my Statement “LINK BUILDING IS DEAD“, that it is true.  If you’ll go to the Google webmastercentral blog and read the article “Information about buying & Selling links which passes Pagerank” you will see the interesting statement by Matt Cutts and Maile Ohye that you can link some one but in the manner which does’t effect search engine. I’ll give you an example of that types of links which i had found on the Matt Cutts blog .

matt cutts example

See on the Above image – How Matt had written the articles with links and he use links only for references and to support his statement without “No-Fallow”. These types of reference links does’t violate Google Guidelines, So it is very clear that if you want to Link someone which supports your written statement and act as a reference link is still alive but other then it strictly violate Google Policy and considered as a LINK SPAM by Google and it can effect on your rankings on the search result. So, before linking to any one on your website or blog please be smart otherwise it can destroy your hard work.


Author – Abhishek Mishra

About me: i am Abhishek Mishra, currently i live in Bareilly, India, in the day time i work as a Business Executive with one of the Premium Home Appliances Brand of India, By night i work as a freelance Internet Marketing Consultant by interest and provide guidance & make Internet Marketing Strategies for Small Company or Emerging Entrepreneurs, who have believe in new age marketing trends which can boost their revenue in less investment. While working from last 6 years, i had learnt that what really works and what doesn’t, i am not like others, i won’t believe in chasing someone and fallow Black hat Techniques to get guaranteed rank for few time at cheaper rates. I always focus to White hat techniques which really deliver Stable results for Small Business and it’s all because, i have a interest and not in hurry for next projects. I also love writing on my Blog for Internet MarketingOnline Advertisement,  Search Engine Optimization,Social MediaWeb Design.

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