Why content Sharing is Important in Google+

Why Content Sharing is important on Google+ 

About googleplus

Most of the people know Google search is now more advance after the Panda and Penguin Updates, Now the ranking terms of Google is totally different from the past.  SEO – Search Engine Optimization is not depends on the Link Building Techniques. Effective and relevant contents will be considered by Google to rank high, more like’s & comments from the Google authority on the contents will be given value rather than links.  Google Links Schemes clearly guide that commenting on the blog or forum’s with anchor text links will considered as a Link Spam. Every One knows that social networking websites like Facebook, Twitter & Google+ are playing important role in the Internet.

Google+ has changed itself – Now Google+ Posts are integrated with the search results also if you are promoting contents in Google+ that content automatically submitted to Google search.  More +1d and comments on the post of Google+ with the authority persons will considered as a good quality contents and it rank high in the search results. It is playing a important role in Internet Marketing. Now socially published content from the authority person which engage & attracts more visitors are considered as a High Quality content.  Google+ means Google Social platforms are now integrated with the search algorithm that’s why when you share any post as a authority on Google+ , it is submitted automatically to Google Search and more +1d means Like’s and comments take that content (which links directly to your website) more high ranking in Google. So now it’s very clear that Google has integrated it’s social platform with the search engine ranking algorithm and from now search and ranking terms are totally different from the conventional ranking algorithm.

Google Search & social media

If you have a website and you are continuous producing your content over other social networking websites and not to the Google+ then it’s time to start now. Just claim the authority of your content on Google. First complete your profile on the Google+ than go to the Google Authority Page and claim your website content as a author, fallow the instruction given there and click on the email which verify you as a author of your website on your profile in Contributor section, after this whenever you’ll share that content on the Google+, your name, picture and your profile will be integrated with the content which will appear on the Google search.

What to Do:  

1: Just add more & more friends on your profile.

2: Share each & every content with your friends and public.

3: Ask your friends to +1d that article if they like and honour their comments.

4: Use #tags when you are publishing your contents in the publically.

5: Make a Separate page which carry information of your website individually with all details and make it publish.

6: Share your contents on your company page also.

7: Engage friends or visitors by giving answer


Author: Abhishek Mishra

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