Tips for hiring an Internet Marketing Consultant in India

In India, There are more than 60 Million people who use internet and search engines regularly. India is in top 10 list of the countries for the search engine users but fact it that it is growing day by day. Till now 60% population of India does’t use internet for their any type of work and almost 30% population in rural area does’t know how to operate a computer but now in new generation computer education is made compulsory by the government.

Internet Marketing consultant India 

If you’ll see last 4 years graph – India e-commerce industry is growing like a hell, it’s all because they had build a strong relations with internet buyers and build-ed faith in their mind. Lot’s of E-commerce companies are doing monthly turnover in Millions and all are growing day by day but less people the hidden secrets of this success, which was designed and crafted by the persons called as – “Internet Marketing consultant“, “Online business consultant“, “Internet Marketer“, “Internet Marketing Expert“, people name them in different manner in what they find suitable to understand but the fact is Internet Marketing Consultant is a person who design and develop strategy to make a website meaningful for visitors and generate traffic which can converted in to revenue.  Internet marketing is going to play very important role for small business because it is only method by which a small business owner can generate good global traffic for its products and services in less investment.  Before Year 2013 – Internet Marketing was totally depends on the Online Advertisement and the SEO – Search Engine Optimization. Link building was playing important role in it. But now Most popular search engine Google made a big changes in their ranking algorithm. The New Filters are added by Google are – Panda & Penguin. Now social media is also playing very important role in Internet Marketing.

So, if you are running a business than it is necessary for every business to hire an Full time or part time Internet Marketing consultant to increase the traffic, ranking, social contacts for it’s online identity on the world wide web, if business any how depends on the internet.

Here is few tips which every client should know before hiring a Internet Marketing consultant from India. 

> Avoid Persons who are offering link Building Services because after Google Penguin Update it’ll considered as a Link Spam by Google and effects organic ranking in search engines.

> Avoid Persons who comments on the Blog or articles with Anchor text links which contains Keywords, It is also so called link spam by Google Link Schemes.

> Hire person who’s strategy depends on the unique contents on the topic.

> Hire person who includes content marketing enabled with social media optimization techniques in their strategy.

> Hire person who focus on the quality work not on the cheap price, because a white hat techniques need patience, time and hard work and none of the professional will quote cheaper price for it’s hard work & dedication for a long time period.

> Hire a person who includes strategic online advertisement solution with “No-fallow” links in it’s marketing strategy because it can easily boost targeted traffic to your website.

> Hire a person who can setup Google ad sense or do some strategic partnership with other advertisement network for advertisement on your website which can generate revenue to reduce advertisement expenses.

> Hire a person who can produce large sized unique content regularly on the focused topic or keyword for your website.

> Hire a person who offers unique content system which includes blog and also have in-build Page SEO option for every page and blog post’s in it.

So, if you are planning to make a web presence for your company or you have, only having a static website can’t do any thing for your business, so stop investing your valuable time in website designing and invest your time for hiring a Internet Marketing Consultant, who’ll guide, design strategy, implement and promote your business over internet.

Author: Abhishek Mishra

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