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Optimization is a process to improve the efficiency of the blog or website. Website optimization can be done on page or off page. it can improve the rankings of your contents in the search engine and grab the visitors attention to your published content also make a great effects on the page rank of your website or blog.

2013 – A year which is still creating lots of Buzz in the search engine optimization (seo) profession. It’s not happening in India only, the Buzz is around the globe, but the main question remains same for the companies- Why?

It’s all becuase “Matt Cutts” – Currently he heads the webspam team of Google, to prevent the link spam and provide useful & relevant content to the visitors of search engine, Google has introduced Panda and Penguin in 2013. Google Panda is nothing but a content filter and penguin 2.0 is a Webspam filter, So, the Google Search Engine algorithms has changed and now according to the new algorithm – A website or Online Data with poor quality contents will loose their ranking and the website which is have is more informative about subject and relevant to the topic will be on the Top of the Search Engine Ranking, Also Google Panda which is integrated with the Google algorithm will detect the link Spam because most of the big brands was buying thousands of  links to be in the top of the ranking, But from 2013 Search Engine Optimization procedure has been changed and There is No Existence of the words i.e. LINK EXCHANGE or LINK BUILDING in the search engine optimization theory.  Whitehat SEO totally ruined the blackhat SEO techniques like link exchange or link building.  Keyword Stuffing, Link Stuffing, link exchange are now so called spamming in SEO.

But Still SEOSearch Engine Optimization can be classified in the Similar two ways-

1) On-page Optimization :

On- page optimization is still the same.  It includes – keyword research & optimization, website architecture research & optimization, Content research & optimization, navigation & internal links research & optimization, meta tag research & optimization, social bookmarking research & optimization.

2) Off-page Optimization:

Now you can clearly understand that their is major changes in off page optimization technique. Now Off-page optimization includes – Creation of global & local Listings in niche directories, Establishing links from authority domains, Establishment of relations to the viewers by answers from the referring blogs, Unique and informative content creation & its marketing strategy,  writing and distribution of press releases to Online Media, Sharing of contents in the different social networking websites and groups.

So, Companies from India and abroad, if you don’t have information till date then it’s ok but from now Stop the activities or instruct your webmaster to stop the spamming activities which can be recognize by google. It can dangerously harm your website search rank.


Author – Abhishek Mishra


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About me: i am Abhishek Mishra, currently i live in Bareilly, India, in the day time i work as a Business Executive with one of the Premium Home Appliances Brand of India, By night i work as a freelance Internet Marketing Consultant by interest and provide guidance & make Internet Marketing Strategies for Small Company or Emerging Entrepreneurs, who have believe in new age marketing trends which can boost their revenue in less investment. While working from last 6 years, i had learnt that what really works and what doesn’t, i am not like others, i won’t believe in chasing someone and fallow Black hat Techniques to get guaranteed rank for few time at cheaper rates. I always focus to White hat techniques which really deliver Stable results for Small Business and it’s all because, i have a interest and not in hurry for next projects. I also love writing on my Blog for Internet MarketingOnline Advertisement,  Search Engine Optimization,Social MediaWeb Design.

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