SEO in India – Disaster After Penguin 2.1

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Google Web Spam Team Head – Matt Cutts has announced on twitter that Penguin 2.1 is live, the time 2:20 AM – 5 Oct 2013 was the worst for the Indian SEO’s who had done lots of work and spent thousands of their valuable minutes in building link’s to rank their website. Some of the Bigger companies had lost their ranks and some of them are invisible from the keywords.

Penguin 2.1 launching today. Affects ~1% of searches to a noticeable degree. More info on Penguin:  — Matt Cutts (@mattcutts) October 4, 2013

On May 22nd 2013 the Penguin 2.0 update done by Google and effected 2.3% of English search results, but it seems that this time Indian websites are more effected because Indian seo experts are not taken the 2.0 monsters update seriously and disavowed their spam back-links. Now it is very clear that matt cutts is too serious about his statements. I had seen lots of Good but mostly Bad comments on the Seo Foram, some of the Search Engine News website’s, Blog’s Even Matt cutts Twitter page that 2.1 has effected most of the Internet Marketing & SEO company websites globally. Old SEO Experts who does’t care about their back-links in the past and focused on the continue their thoughts are now on the top or the company who really fallow the SEO guidelines, some of the Link Spamming websites are still on the rank till now, i also among the people who are thinking that what a disaster has been done by Penguin 2.1.

Most of the SEO experts are begging for their life & job to Google team because their hard work from past years are lost any where in search engines.

Pneguin2.1 Penalty

i had seen this statement on the same blog post which matt cutts refers in his twit.  What Google is Going to do is not in next phase, know one in the world knows. Google Engineers are now on the driving seat, most popular seo sites had lost their traffic in few months like a hell. It has not effected on the ranking but the search results too… in some of the keywords you’ll find search results are reduced by ten times what they are before, it means millions are websites are removed and the process is still on.

It is now better to fallow matt cutts guideline rather then Google Guidelines because he heads the team and the final decisions are given by him. He had clearly told on this Blog that “the links pases a page rank will be considered as a Link Spam”  and if it’s in anchor text with optimized keyword then, you are definitely going to be next if not yet. Removing those tools or using Google disavow tool on Google webmaster central can only help.

These changes not done disaster for every one, some of the webmaster from India who are trying hard from several years to achieve top rank by fallowing Google Guidelines are happy with the results because they don’t have even hope of rank, on which they are sitting right now.

I personally very big fan of Google & i think that they are working hard to resolve it & they’ll not punish websites who fallow Google guidelines.

Author: Abhishek Mishra

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