how to Improve your ranking in Google?

Google Search Ranking, one of the most visited website and popular search engine world wide. Google search Offers Website Search, Videos Search, News Search, Blog Search, Images Search and many more and it is most popular by it’s complex algorithm which they use to judge websites value. The actual factors of the search algorithm which effects the web page ranking in Google search result is a secret but they had advised to fallow some techniques in there help forums and blogs for optimization of the web page, by which ranking in Google can be improved. The Process which is used for Optimization of web pages is called as SEO – Search Engine Optimization. The factors which can improve your ranking in Google are as fallow’s –

Website Content: After adding new filter (Panda Update) in the algorithm by Google, a unique & informative content which have excellent data about the specific keyword which other website’s don’t have, will lead in the search results. From the earlier time till now Google always give high rank to those pages who have more information about the specific topic or more relevant information about the keywords. The great example is Wikipedia which comes on the top in search results, if you’ll search for any country. They put huge information about the country which provide help to the visitors. They cover all the topics they can which is related to the searched word. So, always remember – “Your Content is a King“, if you want to achieve high rank in Google, there is no Need for SEO Expert until u don’t have information about your targeted topic or keyword and If you think, you have then you are a King for sure. Before Publishing your content just watch the top 5 results which are appearing in search result on the specific topic and do your analysis. It’ll give you an Idea that what additional information on the topic can make you differ from others. It’ll improve you ranking in Google Search Result or i am sure that if you have more unique & relevant information on the topic will give you the top notch.

Meta Tag Composition:  These is the major factor which also effects the search results. There are three factors which are used in the meta tag composition are Title of the Page, Description of the page, Target Keywords.

If you’ll see search results closely, you’ll find that Google only shows less than 80 characters in the title. So if you are writing the title for the specific page then it should be less than 80 characters and it’s relevancy to the page content should be 100% & must be unique.

You’ll also find description of every page listed in the search results below it’s title. it should be relevant to the title and page content and must be unique and not more than 200 characters because Google Only shows less than 200 characters in the description of every title in search results.

In the search results you’ll see Google only shows these two – Title & Description of every page, but there is one factor more in the meta tag which guide search crawlers for indexing and ranking your page in your targeted keyword. Your target keywords should be relevant from the page content, page title & it’s description. The high density of the keyword to the page content will give more advantage, but it should be original, please do not stuff keywords in the content otherwise it’ll considered as a spam by Panda and it will effect your rankings. Always try to use less than 500 characters (combination of words) when you are using keywords in your meta tag composition. Meta Tag composition is very necessary, it gives overview of the content and it’s importance & what to show in the results to the search engine crawlers and also help them to set it’s ranking in the search results by it’s relevancy to the targeted topic.

Popularity of the page: People always do one mistake when they write, they write for the search engines, always not one thing do not write for the search engines, always write for the humans. Now your Google search is smarter, it gives more value to the content which is most interactive and have helpful information about users. Try to write content which grabs visitors attention and force them for sharing it to the world wide web or in their online community and it’ll happen when it’ll be helpful for visitors and equipped with unique information about topic. When real people likes your articles, ask questions to you about topic, give their comments & suggestions and share it in the different medium i.e social network, blog or use it as a reference on their article. It is the biggest factors which increases the ranking of the page in the search result. So, always try to write helpful and interactive articles which can engage visitors and force them to share it by it’s quality on the specific topic.

Note:- What to avoid?

> Avoid writing about other things in the page, be specific about your targeted topic.
> Avoid Using more than 80 characters for the title of the page.
> Avoid using more than 200 characters for the description of the page.
> Avoid using more than 500 characters for the target keyword of the page.
> Avoid keyword stuffing on the page, to increase the relevancy.
> Avoid Link Building with other websites to shows case the popularity of the page to the search engine crawlers.

So, if you want to improve then consider these factors which effect the page ranking in Google search results. So, always be specific, write informative & unique and write for humans if you want to make it popular.


Abhishek Mishra



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