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Mostly we had seen that two most popular does’t work better with each other but if they worked then they are going to make a next big thing. It is similar with the Word Press and Google. Word Press is Good Platform but it does’t work better in Google Search but few years before Word Press has changed his focus and added some extremely good SEO plugins, which has created a revolution in open source content management system industry. Every person have to do some periodic changes with the time to maintain it’s leadership. In 2012 Google had done a dramatically change in It’s search Algorithm and launched PANDA and PENGUIN.

As a SEO Expert i am Very much tankful for the Developers who had developed some of the best SEO Plugins for Word Press. SEO – Search Engine Optimization is the Process of Improving Ranking of website in Search Engine Results & When it comes for Word Press SEO then it has been more easier from now because of easier Content Management System and It’s Plugins.

wordpress seo expert from India

SEO in Word Press  

Word Press is the Single Content Management System Available on the world wide web which have capability to dominate the competition in Google this is Why i love the Word Press but before you start to Implement the SEO techniques on Your Word Press Website i would like to advice you to buy for the Premium Word Press Themes and register a Domain Name if you want to get better results.

SEO Factors:

Domain: Use a unique & small name when you are registering your domain. Always try to select a domain which reflects it’s purpose. If you don’t have hard investment boundaries then buy an old Domain for your website. An Old Domain always perform better from the new domain but before registering it kindly check the domain complains. There are lots of Website available who are selling old domain/ aged domain with high page rank and if it’s related to your purpose of website then invest in it because it is the basic factor which can create the difference initially.

Web Hosting: Select only hosting sources who’s server is up to the mark and more then 99% up time. Selection of Poor Web host also effects on the website rank. If you are making a white website then try to select your host who do not entertains black websites to host on their servers. In SEO your website downloading speed also matters and it’s all because of web host servers. Selection of the Good Host for you website always give the strength to your SEO efforts. Google always consider to rank higher to those websites in it’s search results, who’s downloading speed is much faster then others.

Word Press Theme: Selection of the right theme for your website is a great factor. It Does’t matter which looks great, will perform. The Neat and clean theme with strong architecture along with fair and valid coding/ programming base performs better. i had seen that most of the themes don’t have option of Heading Tags and some of them looks good but programmed poor which misguides google crawlers in reading the content. Always try to buy themes from the popular programmers or popular themes, if you are a beginner then avoid to buy new themes if you don’t have knowledge of Neat and clean coding according to the site validation norms. You can hire customized Word Press theme developers who can develop Word Press theme according to your need.

Word Press SEO Plugin: There are lots of SEO Plugins available for free on Word Press ( use can use any of them which you find suitable for you, just install your SEO Plugin on your Word Press theme to start.

Website Architecture and Navigation Structure:  A Good Architecture of the website always deliver better results, according to the Google, none of your page should far from three clicks away to your Home Page. Good Architecture and navigation structure always decreases the bounce rate and increases the visitors interest.

Keyword Research: Most of the People always ask how to know that which keyword is beneficial?, Just use Google Keyword Planner Tool or  Google Trends – Explore section ( to find right keyword for your related topic

Website Content: Content is a king. After Panda Update by Google, it is clear that unique and relevant content will rank higher in Google. Content Relevancy to the targeted topic is very important. More Informative content with in-depth data to support the sentence  will be given the priority. A well written high quality and unique content with supportive images always rank higher in the Google. The Simple way for writing a healthy content on your targeted topic is analysis of the competitors content. If your content have some additional and unique in-depth information about the topic then your ranking will be high for sure in Google Search results. Always write a large articles focused on the targeted topic if you are writing late and if you are the first then be more informative on the topic. Always mention your title words in your main contain in H1 and H2 tags, Your Keyword relevancy to your page content should be at higher side.

Meta Title: Your Page  meta title should not contains more than 60 characters. The Relevancy of the Meta Title to the page content have to be at higher side. If possible always try to write unique title which contains targeted keywords .

wordpress SEO TITLE

Meta Description:  Your page meta description should not contains more than 200 characters. The Relevancy of the Meta description to the page content have to be at higher side. If possible always try to write unique description which contains targeted keyword.

SEO Word press Meta Description

Permalink Settings: The URL structure of the web page is very important part of SEO. Google always gives priority to the page who’s URL structure is also relevant to the targeted keywords and content. So, before you start writing on your Word Press just go in to the settings page and change your permalink settings from default settings to the post name. So, when ever you will give a title to the page it’ll automatically added in to the url structure of the page.

Permalink settings on the word press seo

Internal Link building: Internal Link Building is permitted in Google SEO Guidelines. Linking your website other page for reference to support your sentence is allowed, it’s reduces the bounce rate, gives the details description of the word or sentence to the visitors and improves website architecture but do not use this more, use only if you think is necessary because miss use of anchor texts can be considered as a link spam. It also gives a positive effects on the page rank of the website. The Improved page rank means higher ranking in Google. This method is known as a Distribution of Web Page Value with in a Website. Please Do not Link other website or link yours to others without “no-fallow” tag because the page or website which passes page rank will considered as a Link Spam by Google.

on page optimization Word Press SEO 

Google Authorship: Make a Profile in Google+ and add your website in the contributor section and verify as a author of a website in Google Authorship Page ( and do one thing every time, when ever you publish content just add your name below as an author of content and link your google+ profile with it and share that content to your Google+, after sharing your published content in Google+, you’ll see your content appears in the search results with your google+ profile like this

google authorship for Word press seo


Stay connected to this article, i’ll add some more interesting factors which effects on the Word Press SEO by time to time and if you liked my article and found useful then share this article to your friends on Facebook, twitter, linkedin,  Google+ etc and do the other half part of Word Press SEO which i left for you.

Author: Abhishek Mishra

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